Take your creative powers to the next level…

Rocket Scientists

Rocket Scientists

This party is all about learning…

Laser Tag Capture the Flag

Laser Tag Capture the Flag

This is a super active outdoor adventure party…

Robot Artists

Robot Artists

Let’s have some fun with the LEGO Mindstorms robot…

Super Circuit Inventors

Super Circuit Inventors

Young inventors will design and build smart circuit…

Builder Birthday Parties are perfect for your budding engineer, artist, programmer and designer!


Builder Birthdays is a team of professionals

We are a team of professional STEM educators to offer a memorable birthday experience that is both fun and educational. In association with MakerState, a national STEM-mastery after-school and camps program, we’ve developed a series of parties that are engaging, fully hands-on and designed to connect to your child’s inherent creativity and spark new passions in science and engineering…all the through the tech-arts!

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A partial list of our services includes:

  • Trained instructors
  • Take home Builder projects
  • Robot or Minecraft cupcakes
  • Pizza and refreshments
  • Custom party invitations
  • Custom gift thank you cards
  • Goody bags with cool party favors!
  • As many guests as you choose!
  • Parties start at $750 (for 10 guests)


Take your creative powers to the next level with an fun-first building party with your friends! Party-goers create epic buildings, quests, and Redstone contraptions in the amazing world of Minecraft. Then they can join a multiplayer world to play together and show off their creations .

Rocket Scientists

3,2,1 liftoff! This party is all about learning how to make rockets that launch straight and zoom high. Kids will explore Newtons Laws of Motion and aerodynamics while designing and launching their own rockets (we use super safe compressed air launchers that shoot the kids’ rockets really high).

Laser Tag Capture the Flag

This is a super active outdoor adventure party with a laser taggers for each of your friends and several team-based missions to play such as Capture The Flag, Hide & Seek, Zombie Escape, and Geometry Tag. We transform a special section of Central Park into “The Two Mountains”, headquarters bases which your team must defend at all costs! A play space of your choosing like a school yard or gym may also be used. Kids learn real skills during the game: teamwork, communication for problem solving, collaborative planning, debriefing, and innovation.

Robot Art Party

Artistic engineers will create art that their tiny Ozobot Evo robots respond to in this fun-first and creative introduction to robotics and computer programming. We’ll draw art together that guides our robots to escape mazes, search for hidden treasure, and find it’s friends for great adventures.

Super Circuit Inventors

Let’s create light up greeting cards, origami glowing frogs and a light up bracelet with conductive tape and LED lights! This is a super-fun, hands-on party that introduces circuits and physical computing through creative art.

Our Locations

DOWNTOWN: Big Daddy’s Party Room – Gramercy Park

239 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003

UWS: Big Daddy’s Party Room – Upper West Side
2454 Broadway, New York, NY 10024


also at many 16 Handles locations

or at a location of your choosing, including your apartment, school, or faith/community center.

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